Orange Belt Requirements


Knife Hand Blocks
Palm Heel Blocks
Basic Leg Blocks
Basic Circle Blocks
Basic Crane Hand Blocks
Cross Blocks (High/Low)


Neck Grab Defenses
Wrist Grab Defenses
Full Nelson Defense
Top Head Defense
Hook Grab Defense
Side Head Lock Defense
Back Bear Hug Defense
Front Bear Hug Defense
Inside Elbow Grab Defense
Outside Elbow Grab Defense
Back Rushing Choke Defense
Back Shoulder Grab Defense
Single Front Pushing Defense
Back Forearm Choke Defense
Front Forearm Choke Defense
Spinning Outside Wrist Lock
Turning Vertical Wrist Lock


Wrist Strike; Talon Strike
Ridge Hand
Mid-Knuckle Strike
Index Knuckle Strike
Bottom Fist Strike
Turning Back Fist
Forearm Strikes (Inside, Outside, Vertical and Reverse)
Turning Elbow Strikes


Corner Stance
Back Stance
Front Stance
Straddle Stance (KI HAP)


Basic Rollouts
Basic Dive Roll
Basic Front Fall
Full Front Shoulder Roll


Roundhouse Kick
Turning Side Kick
Turning Back Kick
Jumping Snap Kick
Basic Front Heel Kick
Front Toe Kick (w/ Shoe)
Shin Kicks (Front/Round)
Ground Kicks (Side, Thrust, Wheel, Snap, and Axe)


Basic Side Throw
Inside Sweep/Reap
Head Lock Hip Throw
Knee/Ankle Take Down
Front Kick Take Down
Wheel Kick Take Down
Knee Block Hip Throw
Straight Leg Throw
Basic Mat Work And Pins


V-neck Choke
Triangle Choke
Cross Collar Chokes
Basic Forearm Chokes
Wrapping Chokes/Neck locks


Basic Nerves/Target Areas
Principals of “KI” & Containment
Written test (Part II)
Instructor Evaluation


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