About Us

Barrett Hapkido is a small family run Hapkido School in Margate, Florida, run by Sabunim (Master) Phil Barrett. It focuses on practical thoughtful principals for a full spectrum of life situations, both for adults and children. Respect and honor are paramount, not just inside the dojang (school), but as a life principal for the students.

Hapkido is a Korean martial art form that originates from a mix between ancient Japanese Aiki Jujitsu and traditional Korean Martial arts. It is often confused with Aikido which also has the Aiki Jujitsu roots, and therefore the characteristic circular motion, but Hapkido’s infusion of traditional Korean Martial arts gives it a harder edge then it’s Japanese cousin. Hapkido translates to “The way of coordinated power.”

Students come from all walks of life. Some of our current adult students include Police, Insurance Salespersons, Prison Guards, Lawyers, Electricians, Retail Sales, Investors, Business Owners, and more. Many of our adult students have children in the school.

The school has no contracts, belt test fees, or additional expenses other than an extremely fair monthly fee far below most schools, with family discounts available. When belts are earned, Sabunim Barrett provides them himself, free of charge. There are no forms (kata).


Got a Question?

Please feel free to call (954) 917 – 0488, or
send us an email at hapkidobear@gmail.com