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Hapkido is a tactical mixed martial art which focuses on principals and reactive response, rather than pre-set patterns of movement. The art is primarily circular and non-resistant in nature and allows the individual to develop their own style within these principals rather than attempting to mold students into copies.

Efficient and eclectic, Hapkido covers a diverse variety of para-combative skills including hand strikes, deflecting, evading, dynamic kicks, joint manipulation, grappling, throws and sweeps, falling, rolling, and the study of pressure points.

Hapkido is not a way of fighting, however. It is a way of personal development and self-defense. Through training, there are many benefits for the practitioner, including physical and mental exercise, tactical defense, increased flexibility, stress and aggression reduction, self-confidence, inner peace, and fellowship.

Translated from Korean, Hapkido literally means “The Way of Coordinated Power.”

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